JAMES HALFPENNY has over 20 years of professional experience in composing music for film and television.  His original scores, which have been the aural backdrop for some award winning films, have covered virtually every style and genre of film ranging from high adventure and action, to emotional drama, to dark comedy, thriller, western, and slapstick.  Utilizing music styles varying from lush orchestral, rap/urban, country, rock, atmospheric and jazz and just about everything in between, he works to not only embellish but also to compliment and solidify the producer’s original ideas and concepts for the film. James’ music has been heard in a number of films and commercials shown on Network Television, HBO, CMAX, SHOW, A&E, TMC, USA, as well as in numerous Canadian and overseas television and theatrical venues.

All music and lyrics © James Halfpenny – BMI – Strong Domino Music Publishing